Friday, October 21, 2011

Coz its easier to share the photos - my Krabi trip part 2 - me in yogata pics - first time ever!

Usually my favourite past time during beach holidays is tanning....muahahaha....while being accompanied with a good book. But since I am in a group holiday macam tak best la kan melepak kat tepi pool/pantai je kan.....its time to mix and mingle a lot so there you get to see me out and about!!!


But then this trip is a tad different since it's my first to ever snap a yoga pose in pics. Okay selalunya macam agak horror la kan nak immortalise me posing yoga sebab kalau badan hot macam Jessica Alba tak pe la jugak kan, but Nina pushed me and this is what we got....

Stretched at Rae Lay beach. High up!

Sitting pose - yeah tak adventurous langsung!!! Muahahahahh!!!!

Laid back tree pose...aku adalah pokok yang memrlukan sokongan.......

Okay ini bila dah dapat berdiri dia atas kaki sendiri....

Oh the above is dead man pose ala tangkap gambar sendiri. So in dead man pose you can only either see my feet or the sky. The sky is the same color of feet has purple polish.

Tak berani try headstand takut nanti berguling atas pasir.

*gelak keji*

The beaches was great though. Especially when the sun is not so high up.


dieya said...

owh cantiknya krabi! tho baru balik pantai.. seeing those pics terus rasa nak gi pantai lagi.
buat laa pose yoga yg melentik kepala kebawah tu.. whaddaya call that.. scorpion pose?

Ninie Ahmad said...

Auwwww, momma so proud!

My regards to Nasni please, I miss making Trees out of both of you :)

Zuraida said...


Scorpion pose? hahaha! itu dah lama gile tak buat...kalau nak buat kena ada wall!!!


Its a great pleasure learning from you how I wish I can go back to your class!!! some day ya, someday!!