Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coz its easier to share the photos - my Krabi trip part 3 - krabi town

Hish....sometimes I hate this new blogger layout....macam susah gile nak handle. Bila nak move gambar and edit the paragraph macam susah nak mati. So disebabkan today mood macam malas malas nak berperang ngan html code so tengok je la gambar gambar yang ada seadanya.

Our krabi town trip was a short one. Semua orang macam malas nak pi temple and gua gua kat sana so we skipped the cave climbing and temple exploring bit and went straight to town for food because we were super hungry. 15 minutes after we arrive, the rain was pouring heavily so we end up at the restaurant and nearby malls.

Oh thats the view before we land. Don;'t expect skyscrapers because the talles building in the islands would be hotels. The buildings are on average 1 to 2 storeys high.

Kena la tangkap gambar kat airport and bus kan, tapi since that time macam poyo poyo malu malu nak camho sebab tak kenal anyone so I end up not taking much pics of myself. Hmmm....I have to start mastering the art of asking ppl to take mor photos of me. Not that I don't have many of my own, I suppose I felt I don't have enough.


So the airport to Krabi town is about 20 minutes by bus, And from town to Ao Nang is about another 30 minutes or so. Yes, its a distance and a taxi from Ao Nang to town is a bit hefty.

Sheesh, sign board to Phang Nga as if you can reach Phang Nga by road. Don't get mistaken okay. Nanti dissapointed sebab at the end nampak laut. You can also see a signboard showing Phuket. As if boleh drive la kan to Phuket but everyone knows Phuket is another island away.

And yes, Phang Nga is where they film the James Bond movie , so its also called James Bond Island. Just in case you want to include it on your island hopping itinerary.

When we arrived at town we met a super dog who's dreaming to fly....

Seriously he was over the roof for a while till it rained, and was happily letting us photographed him like nobody's business.

At the heart of the town you can find the night market and a few (mini) shopping malls scatterd close within walking distance.

Nothing much there, if I were you I'd save money and just shop at Ao Nang. There are more choices there. Crocs RM10 pun ada.

We had lunch at a nearby restaurant serving chicken rice and duck rice.

Its not hard to find a halal eatery in krabi because its mostly populated by Muslims anyway. Just look out for the crescent moon and star sign (at most times in green) and they are publicly displayed everywhere. You can also easily inquire whether they serve halal food.

I have to say that food in town is way cheaper than in Ao Nang. Maybe sebab Ao Nang is a tourist spot, so food tends to get pricy. At Ao Nang a serving of dish would at least cost between RM8 to RM10, so spare at least RM15 per meal if you're on a budget. The portion ain't that huge either, so if you are a big eater, budget more or get ready with alternatives.

The sights around Krabi town during our visit.....

What to look out for in town?


1. They have a factory outlet at town but if you want to go there do let the guide know specifically that its a place of interest, because its slighlty off from the middle of the town and not within walking distance. Am not sure what brand they carry but one of it is Lacoste.

2. Wacoal bra is so cheap there because there's a factory in Krabi. YOu can get wacoal there easily for a price between RM30 to RM40, and the same retails to almost RM100 per piece in KL. So if you want to go crazy buying wacoal bras, do stop by the town.

3. Don't worry about stocking up snack from town to bring to Ao Nang. They have 7Eleven and pharmacies at almost every corner.  So you're pretty safe there.

At the end of the trip we went to a must go place in Krabi/Phuket....

TOP shopping market.

TOP sells local stuff like tom yam paste, dried prawns and what not. They also sell souveniers, which normally we davise against getting it here because you can bargain the things and get it cheaper at Ao Nang. What people don't know is....

4. Whatever you can get at TOP, you can get in town at a price which is 50% less. So be less touristy, go search the local stuff in town. Even cashew nuts. Don't worry, all the things are very easy to find. Most of the shops in town sells the same thing, you wont miss it.

There you go, my intake on Krabi town. Till later!


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