Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coz its easier to share the photos - my Krabi trip part 4 - to do or not to do?

Phewh...tak abis lagi ke post pasal krabi??? Kalau ikutkan sampai minggu depan tak abis. *wink wink** Anyways, just to share on a little bit of things that we can do in the itsy bitsy Krabi town.

Apakah? Barbie versi Malaysia sesat kat Krabi.


We were there for 3 days. The first day sampai at about noon and all flew away with the Krabi town visit, so we didn't get to do much there on the first day except sinking in the local sights, trying out the food (in town and at Ao Nang...both yummey though it can be a tad pricey!) and wealk around at what seem to be the endless row of shops at Ao Nang. Masa shopping takde gambar. Maaf la ye cik anon, satu hal pulak sambil nak berbargain tu nak sibuk sibuk snap gambar. But with the very few Thai Baht I have I manage to bring back quite a loot, so I am a happy woman!


On the second day we woke up bright and early to have the buffet breakfast, had a lil walk by the beach behind our hotel ( the one with the sunset photo) and later by 9am, off for the 4 island hopping trip which includes snorkelling.

*too bad tengah tak sihat kan, so tak snorkel. Nanti lagi teruk sakit kesian my roomie tak boleh tido. :( *

So the 4 island trip basically cover Rae Lay Beach, Chicken Island and ada lagi 2 island yang I pun tak ingat namanya apa sebab dah over a week baru nak berblogging. *grin* But they were wonderfull!!!! Kalau pi sila tangkap gambar banyak-banyak sebab its just so lovely okay to see the prsitine white sand and cool bluish greenish water. And the fish!!!!

So without further ado lets don on piccas!!!

What? Expect more commentary??

What else to say? get a tour kat Krabi is not that hard, there's a lot of tour company around Ao Nang that seels tour and they are actually quite affordable. Actually to tell you the truth snorkelling kat Krabi is cheaper than snorkelling kat Langkawi. So kalau nak cuba boleh la.

If you want the tours to be dirt cheap go during off peak season, like we did and everything is 50% off. (or so it was when we were ther).

Other than that boleh berehat sampai berspa. Sape pergi Thailand tapi tak pi spa/urut angkat tangan?

Oh rugi! *grin*

Nina and I had scrubs and massages on the second and third day (the third day being an open massage by the pool) and I have to say that's like the cheapest I have spent on spa'ing.. 2 massages and a whole body scrub totals to about 700 baht....hohoho....mana nak dapat kat KL ni dek non?

My biggest regret is that we don't get to go to the 3 layer hot spring waterfall. Oh tengok video macam best je. Next time next time. I'll fit that into my schedule for sure.

With that I wanna wrap up my Krabi postings! *grin*.Till the next holiday trip! Ta!


niQue_naQ said...

babe, u guna camera apa? cantek la your pictures!

dYnA said...

kRabi is awesomE!

Zuraida said...

Nique naq,

This pics are taken using my IXUS cam, dah 5 tahun usianya and felt so blessed!


Yeah, krabi was awesome!!!! :)

Eisha said...

cantikla semua gambar-gambar u kat krabi ni..nak pegi jugak!!!

Zuraida said...

Hi eisha!!! Yes, sila pergi!!its a really nice place to chill . ;)