Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally, after almost 6 months of blood and (almost) tears.....

They confirmed me!!!!!

 Thank you boss! Now I can sit back a lil bit, take a deep breathe and fix a routine to jump into so I get a more permanent rhythm. Not that I am not settling in to my own work vibe by now but then I was always on my toes because the company can toss me out any time they felt like doing so if they feel like I'm not cutting it.

 Get it? *grin*

 Now that you can't toss me out of the office door in a jiffy I can start getting into a routine and get all cosy up.

 *okla, I promise to give my best. Not that the best was ever enough but then I will make sure that I try to give it all. Happy? :) *

But then time flies kan? Its as if it was my first day at work. I still have the fear of the unknown every time I wake up in the morning and a dose of "gosh, there's so many things to do today" like I have been on the job like forever. But so far I am loving every minute of it. Yeah, perhaps because 6 months is still considered new on a new role, but then the past 2 years had been pretty exciting, and I feel blessed. I am ever so grateful for the people around me who gave me endless opportunities to keep on growing, so yep, I am enjoying the ride. My ex boss use to say that work comes in cycles, there's the growth stage, the peak stage, and the slump. Perhaps I am at growth still, but then there's a long journey to I wish to learn as much as possible so when I am at won't be too soon before I hit the slumps (if ever!!!! hopefully not!!!!).

Personal note to self;

1. I have a goal set. I should keep my mind on it and focus.

2. Success goes to those who work smart, but it doesn't mean you don't have to work hard for it. Best is to apply optimised both aspects to achieve maximum that every blood counts.

3.I am working on my procrastination habit. Of course, I barely procrastinate anymore but then bad habits tends to resurface, so I should keep my schedules in check and focus (goes back to 1 please!) 

4. I should find worklife balance. There's more to life than work.....

Number 4 is really important, sometimes I tend to forget that. More now than before. Perhaps thats why time flies so fast. Gotta go sort out some stuff now. Till later!

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