Tuesday, October 18, 2011

For the sake of vanity....

Lately I have been blessed with better skin, oklah...not really lately la, since the past June or so I switched from Olay to an Indonesian cosmetic brand, Tabitha, and since then my skin has been acceleratingly (oh yeah, accelerate okay memang sah tak tipu) better, clearer, fairer.....so memang Tabita tu really works well on me. Tak de la lagi jerawat and whatnot, muka mula mulus.....

Digandingkan dengan miracle water SKII yang introduced to me during a random visit to SKII's cosmetic counter last August....I managed to get even better skin. Skin tone more even. Less oil. Tak percaya? 
Look at my skin from my last Krabi trip?

See I told you I am not lying. Even Nina who was with me during the trip was amazed at how my skin looked she says just keep doing whatever I am doing because its working. *grin*

 Akan tetapi.... ....I started realising that I am starting to have spots on my face. Freckle like. And my face at times jadi merah merah tak tentu pasal so during my last visit for facial at SRM @ Gardens (yeap, still go there sebab my package facial kat sana sampai hari ni tak abis abis lagi, can you believe it?) so I got the beautician to scan my face and guess what.... ...despite the improvement on the outer layer of the skin (oh suke tengok my outer skin now...putih and the cells dah bersambung sambung balik macam sel sihat, tak macam dulu banyak oil breakout and merah2), my inner structure hat splatter of redness around the cheeks, chin and forehead.


 Apparently thats an early sign of pigmentation and dehydration. I memang since then ada thirsty skin problem (oh oily diatas, dry di bwh....sangat problematic muka aku nih!) and coupled with aging and prolonged sun exposure, my skin's pigmentation effect has started to kick in early. Damn. Just when I thought I am getting better la kan. Sigh. Anyways, I am prescribed to start being more disciplined over the use of sunblock (yes, even when I am indoors, especially when I spend more time outdoors), a hydration cream moisturiser and 4 times weekly use of puri mask and hydration mask.

Now terpaksa mula kesaikoan menjaga muka balik....
No pain no gain. Tak nak la dapat melasma problem pulak. I found out later kalau pigmentation problem is not addressed early then nanti the pigmentation can spread and scar the outer layer surface and its impossible to cure it then unless you undergo a laser surgery.
Then prevention is better than cure. Better combat it early then.


farah said...

Hi zue,

so you recommend ke tak Tabitha skincare tu?

I macam cuak nak try sbb tak tahu what kind of chemical they use :(

Zuraida said...

Hi farah,

Kalau u nak try tabita i would recommend you try the set minus the smoothing lotion. I found the smoothing lotion a bit too harsh on me, so after 6 weeks I only sticked to the facial wash and day and night moisturisers (which i love, sebab it makes my skin so fair). The moisturisers are quite gentle, and the facial wash tu macam pakai sikit muka dah rasa bersih, so I think you will like it.

I would recommend that u use it with a good sunblock, to protect you from UV exposure just in case u might have redness problems like me.

But then you have to wear it religiously to see results.Cosmetics are no good if you leave it on the table.

Caution though, results may vary sebab verybody has different skin type and reaction. Tapi so far kat ofis I ada 3 orang pakai tabita, and all 3 has better skin now alhamdulillah. Kalau rasa it doesn't suit you then you should stop.okay?

hope that helps!

Sweettooth said...

oh yes Zue's facial skin is putih mulus sekarang :p, made me so jealous :(

Zuraida said...

oh thanks Nina!!!!