Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet the boyfriend....alkisah cuti nak bermula....

You wish! Hahahahh!!!

One of my favourite pick from last Wednesday visit to KLCC and the Aquaria....

If you want him so bad there he can meet him somewhere near the Aquaria's exit.

*wink wink*

Hail to the freaking weekend (ho yeah!!! Goyang buntuit sikit!) and phewh finally I get to throw everything aside and go on a long break. Oh it felt like forever la kan....when I was a bout to leave office sometime at 7pm today I started to kinda miss it already so I hung back for a while. Gilo kan? Kalau dulu pantas je keluar pintu ofis tu....dengan gembiranya lambai keluar with a smaile smacked on my face.

I hope all is gonna go well and I don't need to run in for a rescue mission on Monday. Best la kot kalau dapat finally bangun lambat for one whole week. *grin*. So sape sape nak dating ngan I next week sila call. I don't know if I will be away that long. I was hoping I can get to go out of town. But then I don't know. Tengoklah. I macam have a feeling that this holiday will be more touristy than the relaxing type I am so used to.

I have been sifting through pics and gosh I found photos of me in Bukit Tinggi...itu belum post lagi no?

Till later! Esok ada wedding. Lusa ada wedding. Have to look fabulous, so me need my beauty sleep. Cioa!

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