Saturday, October 22, 2011

Must watch new series of the season - Vampire Diaries 3 and Gossip Girl 5

We need spice in our life and the new Vampire Diaries (VD) and Gossip Girl (GG) is so spicy I can bet money that loads of us will be craving for more at the end of each episode.

I have watched 5 episodes of VD and 3 episodes of the latest GG over the past two days and hell I wish they are it more quickly. Kalau boleh keluarkan je la the whole season in a week.  Muahahahahah!!!!

Because who doesn't love a good guy turn bad boy? The forever sweet Stefan Salvatore now bad boy Salvatore?

Haaa....dulu tak bloody langsung...Now filled with blood.

And who would think Damien Salvatore (who used to be that bad apple) is capable of compassion?

Oh so twisty, it is as if there's centuries of things going wrong crashing within hours.

I love. Gimme more.

*Damien is so sexy by the way. Grin*

Talking of bad boys, the ultimate bad boy of GG, Chuck Bass now turns good? And compassionate? And has feelings?

At the end of GG fourth season, we see Chuck gave away Blair to the Monaco prince and Blair gets a (fake) cousin who is later given access to the family's trust fund. The season's shocker was the positive pregnancy test strip at the end of the episode and gosh, could it be Chucks?

As Blair sets off with her price, Chuck try's to mend his broken heart by trotting the globe and indulging with women...alas, summer is over and everyone is now back at the posh Manhattan upper east side.

Secretly inside, though prince of Monaco is such a dream, I am in team Chuck. I wish Blair would end up with Chuck, it'll be a true modern age fairytale for me because personally, I think Chuck nad Blair is meant for each other. But then there's Dan, who now seem to dot on Blair after Vanessa took her cue.

Boleh ka?

Whatever, we have new sizzling hottie on the show to keep our eyes on.

Oh cougar momma come to me. *grin*. brewing trouble in upper east side eh?

I have to give Liz Hurley a 9 for smoking hotness. Kalau la boleh magic badan aku ni jadi macam badan dia. Sigh.

So folks, its not too late to catch up yet. The season has just started. So tune on your tv now and get glued!

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