Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh I am so losing my cool

I suppose my stress level is taking a toll on me....I am getting less and less organised, most time I think more about work and less about everything else to a point that I miss small fine details like where I left my keys, the last page I read in a book, how the last episode of a tv series end and seriously....its a bit too much now.

I need a way to calm myself and get a grip. Its so scary to lose track of yourself at such a young age, I can't imagine how people with alzheimers cope. Its depressive okay. And when I hoit rock bottom today, I simply screamed.

So not cool.

So in an attempt to save myself, I googled Upward yoga where Ninie Ahmad teaches now....and decided to give it a shot and bend my way to calmness. Last year or so it was her classes at Beyoga that saves my sanity and helped me lose the kilos effortlessly...perhaps now it can help me do the same. I have tried going back to yoga classes at the gym but its not the same, the motivation is simply not there and I felt like the classes were too impersonal for me so hopefully going back to her class will bring back the same feeling and motivation I had lost a year ago.

*seriously, its no joke ok finding a teacher that motivates you. look at me.....I go in and out of yoga like I have a hibernating period of a year!*

And with that calmness I hope to regain my composure and be more well balanced - mind, body and spirit.

See ya at Upward in 13 hours!


Ninie Ahmad said...

Thank you for dropping by! You were amazing as I've always remembered you :)

Rest well today!

Zuraida said...

My gratitude is on you because after your class I manage to rest and sleep like I never slept for a year!

Cya wednesday at 10am!

Sweettooth said...

oh Ninie mmg the best!

Zuraida said...

Ho yeah!!!