Thursday, October 27, 2011

So early in the morning yet still wide awake....why? oh why?

Happy Diwali folks! It has been a long day. I did a road tour of key shopping malls today and its uber tiring. Not that I sgop around or whatnot, I was going around taking my cousin Chico to visit the key spots in KL. He's in town for a couple of weeks and since its his first time, so I suppose its hospitable of me to bring him around.

He's been a great tour guide everytime I'm in Manila. This is payback. *grin*

We did KLCC-MId Valley- Gardens-OU and got home at 9pm. It was flat 12 hours of walking about town. Its like hard work!


Anyways, there are loads of photos! I love the outdoor shots at KLCC park, its so nice! Will sift through the stack and upload it bit by bit okay? Plus there are some cool shots at Chico's camera. He has a full fledge SLR. I suppose I am the amatuer and he has all the pro pics.One thing for sure I am gonna hack it off him soon, whether he likes it or not.

So what kept me up so late in the morning?

Despite being tired, we had cakes and coffee while waiting for my cousin to update my Iphone to IOS5. Oh yes people, I have embraced the new IOS5 and its supercool, I am glad I did it. Now I am wide awake.


2 more days to a "freaking" weekend...hopefully it won't be one hell of of a wait. Better force myself to bed now, otherwise someone is gonna be really cranky at work later.


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