Monday, November 21, 2011

Huge thums up for Badai Semalam!

Can you believe it that I simply buy the tix on impulse and walk into the theater hall immediately as I purchased them at the boxoffice?

Yeah. It happened. So not me la kan nak pergi tengok theater sorang sorang but then since I can't find anyone else who's willing to go with me and I am already in KL on training last Tuesday, I simply bugger off and went for the show.

And guess what?

It was so fun I didn't even regret it a bit.

The story line was simple. Poor servant girl had to sacrifice her dreams to care for an ailing mom and fell in love with a rich guy - yet still didn't let go of her virtues and moral and dreams and stood by it to the end.

I was quite surprised with the cast line up - it was filled with A-List stars like Nanu, Umie Aida, Ziela Jalil and Jasmin Hamid apart from the already famous leading actor Era Fazira, Aaron Aziz and Fizz Fairuz.And the costumes and set were fabulous, in a way I was more satisfied watching Badai Semalam as compared to Secret Life of Nora.

I really had fun during the dance routines.... Era Fazira twirls in blue high school uniform......

......and Jasmin Hamid wooed Aaron Aziz with a lap dance before they boogied on stage.....

 I have to say the simple story line became not so simple and quite interesting.Although they could have made the storyline better but all in all its a very good attemp and production.

Standing ovation for cast and crew. I am definitely looking forward to the next show thanks to you guys. Too bad my battery ran a bit too low after the show so I missed a clear shot on this....

Far right hand side people.....Aaron Aziz waving!


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