Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kanta na tayo!!! (Mari menyanyi!!)

Tak de kerja (sebab cuti) and tak tau nak pergi mana (sebab people keep on cancelling on me) so I end up with my own impromtu R&R activities ...so its high tea, yoga, gym, movies and now......singing!!! *grin* After my session at Upward yesterday I realised that I have been truly neglecting myself, I am seriously stressed to a point that all my muscles are super stiff macam kayu...nak bend masa warm up pun boleh rasa my hamstring macam wayar gitar kena tarik.


Upward is located at Saujana nearby Ara Damansara, I was almost lost when I was on the way there and hampir panic because there's a "must-be-in-class-within-10-minutes-before-the-class-starts" rule...kalau tak kena kunci, and I got only 3 minutes left, imagine the relief when I found this sign....

*gambar ihsan google. takkan aku tengah rushing tu nak sibuk tangkap gambar kan*

The 75 minutes Bend, Stretch, Heal session did well on me, though I was in pain for the 75 minutes (light) bending exercise, I finally got a good night's rest that I haven't had for ages. Gone were the tossing and turning to go to bed moments I have for the past several months. Tido macam orang tak tido setahun.


When I woke up today the birds were singing. Cheewah!!! So since its cheap to go to RB at noon anyway so here I am blasting my singing cords.


Going through the song list I felt that my playlist seems a bit (ye ke?) outdated. Perhaps its time to get new tunes and update them to the Iphone and start listening to them when I am at work. Hari ni macam kena belajar banyak lagu baru (demmit) tapi takpe.....since I have no one to fight the mic with I can take my own sweet time.


Let me bust my stress away. Till then!

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