Monday, November 7, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Eid Adha 2011!!!

I am a day late but then better late than never aite? Happy Eid-Adha everyone!Hope everyone had a great day - whats not to be happy about - there's good food, relatives etc - I know I had a great day. As usual, we spent the day at our grandparents at Kuala Pilah, this year there were 2 cows sacrificed for the big day.

We were at the surau as soon as we had breakfast and look at the kids all focused and coo'ed at the phone the whole morning. Cute kan?

It was very rare to publish piccas at the surau on raya mornings, here's a few from today...

And there you go. Nothing much to look at, unless you want pictures of the slaughtered cow.

Ani and I went off early at noon so we can bring down the kek batik I made the night before...

Gila poyo kan....berusaha sedaya upaya bukak pintu, padahal kunci kat tangan dia....


I have to say a huge thanks to Fieza Zaza for the kek batik recipe. It was easy peasy and yes, it taste awesome.

I know Ani had a zen moment having them.

I told you my day is a good one.

Sorry have to keep this short. Need to snooze soon so I can catch up with yoga in the am. Till then!

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