Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So how have you been love???

Its been a whirlwind of everything....sometimes I feel like I am grasping for air and out of breath. Perhaps because I am not as fit as I use to be (sad, but very true) and I was so eager to do a lot of things at the same time (or worrying about getting the things done most of the time) that I fail to stop and smell the roses.

And simply breathe.

I should do something before I burn out. I love where I am now. I should make it good while I am at it.

Despite all the worries, piling work, lack of sleep and trying very hard to maintain a normal life....I think I don't look that bad after all...

....who would have guessed I actually had insomnia for the last 4 months and felt like shouting every day for 2 weeks in a month?

I look pretty good indeed.

Yet again it'll be the end of another year soon, hopefully a great one, and its time to look forward to a better year ahead.

More new resolutions.

New goals to achieve.

New things to look forward to.

Hopefully I will have time to share more.

Till then, its almost the end of December so it means that the clock is ticking down on our time to be merry merry merry. And so before I miss the chance....

Have a great holidays everyone and a very merry christmas! If you have gifts for me I'll pass you on an address so feel free to post it over!

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