Monday, January 23, 2012

And its another long weekend.....

Happy Chinese New Year folks and hello long holiday!


The past couple of days had been a whirlwind of emotion. Was away with some friends the past couple of days for some R&R which had turn slightly downhill it kills my mood midway through the trip and decided to cut it short and excuse myself early. I suppose at some point I became a bit too cranky and pissed off over minor things that I shouldn't have bothered in the first place but then it really ticks off my nerves to a point that it bugs me every waking second, I suppose there are some things that are just not meant to be and I should be more carefull with people I embrace and bring in to my fold....

....because I am a delicate person. Since my concern for others are at times overwhelming, I expect those who are close to me to be just as concerned and sensitive. Then we are in the same page. But then some people are more competitive than accepting, and I don't do well in a competitive environment.

Just saying.

But all is water under the bridge. I vow not to think to much of it and just move forward. Apart from the slight minor hiccup that led to the (sad) outburst, everything else was okay. And since I am back home early and had no other plans (other than plans with my bestie Komala later which is long overdue) so I took the chance to bend and fold my body in Bibie's Ashtanga class at my gym.

In which makes me feel much much better.

I have to say that there are no better injection of calm and relief compared to an hour of humbling sun salutations and stretching. If its a good day and there's a progress in my arm balancing it'll make me even happier because hey, to tell you the truth my existing size and extra layers of (unwanted) fat ain't helping in between foldings and bendings. Still, practice makes perfect. So adhering to the mantra of my fav yoga instructor Ninie, lets keep on practice, practice and practice.


*ninie if you're reading this I am really sorry I can't make it to your class lately. I am juggling with time and my classes are now on weekends but rest assure I will find time to practice. Just I know sometimes she reads me.*


This calm is good. I'm savouring it for the rest of the day. Wish all of you out there the same great feeling, wherever you are.

Love and peace.

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