Friday, January 13, 2012

Mustering the courage to move forward.....

Tomorrow is a start to a new chapter in my life in which I am very excited and eager to kick start - tomorrow I will officially start my first DBA class in a local uni in the heart of KL town. To some people it might seem an utter nonsense as to why I chose to take up the course in the first place but for me its a self-actualisation thing. At this point I need something that can empower and grow me, personally and intellectually, and this might just be something that I need.

Because I have no commitments that grounds me (apart from work), friends are busy with their own priorities (and who could blame them?) and I have no nucleus family of my own and tiny lil fingers that held my hand and make me stay at home more. So here, books are my new anchor and hopefully it will take my to great lengths.


My last formal class in uni was in Oct 2002. It has been almost a decade since I was in a proper classroom and it is somehow making me nervous.

What if I am not as good as I use to be? Not as focused or attentive? How do I react in class? How am I suppose to juggle class with work?

(ho yeah, because everybody knows I study well when I sleep all the time and being at work means less sleeping time. weird aite?)

And the list of what if's goes on....

...sigh. Paranoia.


Definitely its a whole lot of mixed feelings. But then lets hope for the best.

Time may have slightly worn me off but I should have faith that deep inside I have the strength for this and that I can do it.

Chin up. I'll pull through this.


dieya said...

DBA??? you go girl!
i just sat for my very last MBA paper last wednesday. keluar je exam hall, rasa relieved sgt2, like a huge burden off my shoulders after 2.5 years doing it. next is dissertation. then i'm done.
hey good luck you. i'm sure u'll do great!

elle said...

babe, good luck! going back to school after such a long absence requires some major adjustments, esp since u are doing it part time. i salute u. not many people can do that. my dad did and i had seen how hard it was. even doing a doctorate full time is not something i'd want to consider anytime soon.

hope can catch up with u soon. lets make a date after cny.

btw, i changed my blog url. its now saja gatal. hehe.

dot said...

Babe. I know you'd be awesome. All the best :)

Zuraida said...

Thanks dieya, alia and dot! I'm still a bit shaken sebab i think after a while leaving school tetiba culture shock masuk kelas.


but just gotta do it kan. So pejam je la mata and brave through it!