Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Project Awesome

*simply...coz I am*

A blogger I know (hmmm...bolehla) has initiated a collage making initiative called Project Awesome to cultivate the spirit of awesomeness in all of us and had called for entries of piccas with a statement "I'm awesome" from everyone who are willing to participate in order to come up with the collage.

So far this morning he had received 32 pics (and counting) from readers/followers of his blog/FB/twitter and had launched the project full scale via a new blog ProjectAwesome2012. I think its kinda cool, so I took a post-it and snapped a pic but then before emailing my picca I realised that there are rules (that the pic must be between the waist and head, and the word must be on an A4/A3 size paper so it'll be huge enough to see) so I suppose I have to go back and re-do another shot.


In spirit of spreading the awesomeness around let us all join in! It's open till 12 Feb 2012, so snap a pic and send them now!

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