Sunday, February 5, 2012

The only long break till next May perhaps....enjoy it while it last people!

Spent the mini break weekend at Bukit Tinggi with Shasha and her relatives (who happened to be at the same place the same weekend, what are the odds aite?) and it was just the mini break I needed! I had a great time! The place was calming and cooling and the crowd was great to ogle at, so it was overall fun. I have tonnes of cool pics too, and I never enjoyed taking kiddy photos like I enjoyed taking them last weekend. Shasha's niece and nephew are supercute, I can't help snapping piccas as if they're my own. Seb baik mak pak dia layankan aje....*grin*.

Alas the break had to be cut short due to mounting assignments and accounts that are long due because of the short working days this month. Grrrr. Kan best if I can just not give a care of the world and sit back and relax but then half of the pain I am facing right now is self-inflicted (oh the whole pursuing postgrad relevance is starting to hit me...what was I thinking again???) but then I was never a quitter so I am definitely not giving up.

Hopefully my ducks will all fall in row soon and this is just a phase.

*hoping for the best*

On another note this mini break is a truly 1Malaysia holiday weekend. We are celebrating the Prophet Muhammad's big day today, Chap Goh Meh tomorrow and Thaipusam the next yeah, happy celebrating Malaysians!!!!! There's a bit of something for everyone and hopefully all this togetherness will bring us closer to each other and more prosperous!

Still, the holidays aint over yet. Savour it while it last. Till then....