Sunday, April 22, 2012

Break from my hiatus.....ready to hear more of me?

Its been quite some time since my last post - a statement i have been constantly repeating over the past couple of post. Its quickly becoming a standard which i dread because at some point it felt like I am better off closing down my blog after all but hey....I have been writing for years and to even think of closing it down makes me sad.

Yeah. Hate to admit it but its true.

Sigh. I have been bogged down with work...and had decided its time to go back to school so i have been struggling to balance work and my study schedule over the past couple of months. At the beginning it felt like something that i can do.....but then halfway throughout my first semester I started to doubt myself and my priorities up to a point that I hope there's more to all of this  and that if i just be a little bit patient, things will somehow work out in ways i could never have imagined.

I hate to be ungrateful, because I know I am truly blessed and that many would be more than happy to fill in my shoes. But then it had been a really stressfull year so far, I have to be honest that I am tired and I wish there is something else out there. I have to give thanks for all the good things i have in my life so far .....a supportive family .....great friends .....a stable career .....opportunity to go back to school and meet new people .....and the life I have so far - the very air that I breathe, the pleasures I enjoy, the needs and wants fulfilled.... Its  not perfect, but its good enough. For now. I have been making changes - a lil bit of home improvements, new purchases, thinking of new investments - it definirtely demands more commitment but I need to think on ways to be more prepared and stable than simply live my life on as is day to day basis. If i am to wait to start a family before committing to serious things in life i might be too late to have enough to live the way I wanted 20 to 30 years down the road, and so I thoughterhaps its best that I start strategising now so my burden eases off when I hit my 40's.

Heheheeh. U say what.....40's? No, i am not close to it yet, but hey....time flies and a decade can be a breeze so I want to be smart now. I want to at least achieve something other than what i have on paper. Okay. I'm boring now. Hell yeah. Till i can figure out a way to be more exciting on my tab, just bear with me. Till then.

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