Friday, May 4, 2012

And phewh the exam results are out and yeah, hell its gonna start over soon.....

Have u heard the latest Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe that's been blasting over the radio?

Oh yes its really really addictive.

The chorus just stick into your head over and over again....

Hey, I just met you, 
and this is crazy, 
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

The chorus just stick into your head over and over again....

Last final exam results were out yesterday and the new semester starts in about 2 weeks. Despite big plans to be more prepared for the new semester ahead, not much progress was achieved....

.....I still have no thesis title. 

.....I am still clueless as to why I ever did this in the first place. Seriously, I have been questioning my motivations since I got all culture-shock in my first Leadership class. I am still not over it.

....I am in the middle of the longest spring cleaning effort ever! Okay, the house looks slightly better, I found time to fix a few bugs and broken stuff but my laundry pile just kept on piling, the third room is still a huge mess, my wardrobe needs a huge makeover and my study table looks like a.....convenience store?

I dare not put up photos out of major shame.


I do manage to get more sleep. All the zz's is doing me good. I am tired. I hate to admit ageing has something to do with it but I feel like a broken radio and all the pretty lil things running around in mini skirts are just killing me with envy.

Sigh. Too late to complain now right? Chin up and have more pride please.

Still, I should count my blessings. So far life has been kind to me. I might be busy and a bit out of touch, but this has been one hell of a good roller coaster so far. And soon enough it'll get to the end - who would have thought that its already May??


I hope the next 8 months is filled with more good things, love, peace and joy.....yes, for everyone.

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