Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh how I wish life could be a non-stop holiday......

...because all I do is work work work.

 *yeah, old news. grin*

My current work-study schedule had taken its toll when I start to get seriously unwell these past couple of weeks.I had massive migraine attacks to a point that I felt that everything might just collapse this very second. There's nothing much that I could do but lie down and do nothing.

*in which case if I could have done when I am healthy and happy, I'd definitely feel great. Sigh*

I tried a couple of mini breaks in between my hectic schedule to ease the stress off but somehow the bliss-out stress-free feeling only last for about a week or so before it starts creeping into me again.

*shots of the excited me and geng ying over the super cool room we got during our Langkawi trip in February*

Oh by the way I love love love Langkawi. If I can stay there I'd settle there forever. Its so peaceful and quiet and definitely a great place for an R&R locally. I would love to be able to go there as much as I can....

*now now, the cost at the place I like to stay might be a bomb so gotta work like crap again so I can get nice breaks like these.....see what a girl got to do to get a bit of lux? and all the stress indirectly related to it??*

Oh well, my doctor has cheaper solutions - rest, drink more water and exercise.

Oh yes, it was that easy for him to say. The last time I was in a gym was last February and even then I was too tired to even go on a threadmill. But I did heed my doc's advise and tried my best to start to take a step back, chill a bit, have a few laughs with friends, go back from work early so I can catch up on sleep....

Of course it made me feel less productive, felt a little bad for it but then the migraine stops.


Nevertheless, work starts piling. (that should have been expected already, no?) and class starts mid may (sadly, the schedule is already out for the new semester and results is coming out tomorrow. Nervous? oh yes!) so I suppose this won't last for long if I don't seriously look into it by now.


But then again.....there are mini breaks scheduled for May and June. Me and my gals will turn Bali upside down and paint them all red (or green or blue or pink!). That is definitely something to look forward to.

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