Saturday, June 9, 2012

Somebody save me......

I must be stressed...or I must have gone mad....because after months of self-restraint, the shopaholic in me had re-emerged.....


It started a few months back - and I think expedited sometime last month because of HomeDec and the Bali trip...and now I think it has somewhat grown out of proportion. Not that I don't like what I get...its just that I think I am now having too much of it and had over-indulged. All the restraint and control I have been practicing is all trashed in the bin and I simply get whatever I wanted.


Not good. Especially when I just got a new ride, and took up a financial commitment.

Must be all the pressure at work and in school and whatever not. There's just too much in my mind at the moment, and I feel at times.....lost.Confused. Shopping is a drug I missed for so long, every purchase gave me the high and constant feeling of relief and it somewhat made me ease up a little bit.

I know. This is a temporary high. It's a bad bad idea to overdo my shopping indulgences and it'll soon be a headache I wished I had avoided at all cost in the first place....


I should find a new source of high. I should make time to do more yoga. I have been so lazy these days to even make time for a class a week, perhaps that's where I start to lose my foothold. I am getting back to what I use to be and its so scary I am not liking it.

Oh but I love the stuff I got to bits! Hahahaahah! Guilty yes, but for now...definitely happy.

*these love-hate relationship is confusing aite???*

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