Sunday, July 22, 2012

Suny day...not so sunny me....

Heyya!!!!! I've been super busy lately...with back to back submissions and presentation for finals this semestera (and work....have I ever mentioned that its getting more and more insane?) that i have somewhat been neglecting my online blog (yet again). I neve stopped writing though....I have been carrying an ol skool journal of my own just to keep my insane rambling thoughts out of my head (grin) so technically i am still (b)logging my sorrow in paper.....

Plus recent turn of events render certain things to be re-examined in my life.

Anyways....say hello hello the fashionista in me is back!

My bank account is dented beyond repair...sigh....i really have to get a grip on my shopping haits but thanks to FashinValet and Poplook and the megasale in all (i meant ALL) major outlets in KL, I now have a room filled of new stuff to wear.

Gahhh...scream. And a rock star messy bedroom to go along with. I am still figuring out howto sort it out.

I have a crae in accessories too. My favourites (apart from a handful of vintage pieces i gathered in bali and samui) is the offerings in fv under the labels marshella and cangkuk. Oh they are sublimee....and zapped within minutes it drives me nuts.

Oh my laundry is almost done. Gonna share some pics soon, if time permits.


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