Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cleaning up spaces......

Finally have the chance to work on my lil mean machine without the need to meet a deadline or actually submit something. *grin*. Its kinda liberating to sign into my blogger account and face the blogging template after such a long hiatus, I know I keep on telling myself that I would write more but never have the time to do so....same case with the rest of things in my to do list that I want to do but never get the chance to do so since earlier during the year.

Its already the end of august! Crap...8 months had flown. It flies so fast I felt like I'm drifting in time. Its a whirlwind of craziness over the past 8 months....I am definitely up if there is something better (or more exciting) out there. Keeping my fingers crossed.

As of now I am hoping for the best. New semester is starting off soon, so I am cleaning up my disk space so my lil mean machine can kick ass again. The drive is kinda full after all the research (and downloading) work. But hey, I have a 1T wireless storage at home, lets put that to use.

After clearing off spaces its time to look at photos.


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