Friday, August 31, 2012

Did anybody ever tell you not to blog and eat at the same time?

Having dinner post movie marathon and it certainly sucks having dinner alone so I am with my lappy and typing my heart out....over dinner. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw all of a sudden, like at this very moment I am spilling the beans over the next "it" thing. Gila kuat berangan. *grin*

I decided that I need a day on my own to recollect my thoughts and plan out what I need to do over the next few months. Class is starting again next weekend and if I don't clean up my shit and unfinished business left lying around, God knows things are gonna be pretty messy. So far a day had gone by and I had done zero on configuring my thoughts and a lot on movie catchup, coffee and adding extra credits on my card. Jeez. Thinking is exhausting. I went on a mini break and suddenly I felt like I'm warped somewhere else and voila...time passed?


*thank you for the delicious pan seared salmon. though the patotoes taste a bit undercooked, the rest of the meal is awesome*

Starting tomorrow I am eating healthy.

I want to quick smoking. But since almost everyone around me is smoking I wonder why I even bothered. It felt like the right thing to do (considering all the health related problems people my age are facing now) but somehow I am still a 50-50 in this.

I have to start exercising again. Gaining weight is a bitch (and so we chant over and over again) and lately I have all these unnecessary energy that needs to be channeled out. And yes, I am getting slightly bored to. I am pissed with my own tardiness because I definitely know that I can do better at this tapi lazy bone is extra heavy lately.

Thanks but no thanks.

I need to..., 5 miles a day.

....swim, to work on my heart and the fat at my lower back.... yoga, to calm myself.

And in between, fit time to read for a doctoral thesis.

Thank God I have no kids. Not that I don't want them....of course I want them someday, but at least, not having them today gives me room to do things that I am doing now.

Hell yeah, alasan. I bet if I have kids now I will not be doing what I am doing now and will be a totally different person. But then is it for the best? That I will never ever know.

I need to spring clean. Especially my wardrobe (again). Was it last 3 months when I last reorganised the room, how come suddenly it felt so cluttered?

Must have been all the travel bags. I have yet to unpack. To come to think of it I will be flying again pretty soon and then there will be another luggage roaming around.


Finally! Thoughts organised!

Phewh! Who would have thought I would get it done over dinner?

Till then!

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