Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuesday blues.....

Despite being under the weather....donned my new sunburst necklace from poplook over black MNG top and blazers...please excuse the messy hair.


My head felt like bursting beyond proportion as I juggled work, poor breathing abilities and massive headache. Its just one of thos days you wish you can just stay at home and pull the covers over your head but no can have work to do.


The next couple of days will be a busy period - everyone is psyched about the raya holidays but then since it coincides with the busiest reporting period in the year, its kinda not something i'm looking forward to. I hope i don't have to review accounts while buzzing about on raya day because seriously, that'll be depressing.

A lot have been happening lately. My mom had successfully gone through her second round of chemo and I would like to thank my family and friends who have extended us support and prayers over the past couple of months. Alhamdullillah my mom is doing quite well and hopefully she can brave through the next 4 sessions and recover. Thanks again for all the love....and keep them coming y'all!!!

Finally the second semester as a grad student had passed - not wthout pain- yet for now I can let all the bugs that pains me the last three month rest. To tell you the truth I was not at my best and I am really really scared that somehow one way or the other somehing might f* up but then what the point of pushing myself to far with worries?I have other priorities to focus on so might as well set whats past aside move on. I suppose i did my best with what i ha at that time, even when I know it can be done better.....but i need to let go. Sigh. Crossing my fingers and hopefully my end result will not kill me.

Phewh. Now that out of my chest let's look into good news in the pipeine.

My drling tina was in labor yesterday but dah 24 hours I haven't heard a single thing about the new baby M. Ke i missed the news? So excited to mee the new lil girl!

Yeah its a girl. :P

There will be buka puasa events non-stop from today till next wednesday....brace yourself for super makan makan mode :-) i know to some ppl all this makan makan thingy hard started since the first day of ramadhan but then i notice that as i age, my desire to eat seems to be makan makan aktiviti pun kurang.

Hell yeah. Bummer.

To come to think about it i miss my melting pot supper buddies. They are all the way in the UK and if they were here, it would have been fun to have another night bingeing on melting pot's midnight buffet with baby Irina.

Got to go back and be a productive bee....till then, much love!

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