Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good morning fellas!!!

Its phnom penh day 2 and I am fuelling up myself for another city hunt.  the city is beautiful and I love the laidback ol'town feel....its like being in ipoh or penang in the 80's. It definitely reminds me of growing up in kluang....plus the people were great! They're friendly and helpful and being on my own having such hospitable locals is like a dream come true. Its definitely a safe place to roam around.

I manage to go to the Russian Market, the Tuol Seng Genocide Museum and the killing fields yesterday. Its a good thing I ge to ge those places off my list because its the furthest of all the "places to visit". The killing field itself is about 30 to 45 minutes ride via tuk tuk. So thank heavens now I can just be on foot. i spent quite some time at the Russian Marke and found a jeweller to fix me a silver ring at a fraction of a cost to make one in KL so I'm ecstatic. The Russian Market is an equivalent to Ho Chi Minh's Ben Tanh market and it has everything under the sun. So shopaholics out there (especially the hunter shoppers type) would find this place heaven.

I did. Heheheh. Well I am trying to control myself by not draining my cash reserves on the first day so its no fun being me :-) I still have the olympic market and central market to go....so if I have leftover cash by tomorrow I might just go ahead and help myself at the Russian market again on before I head back to KL.

In my itinerary today is the Royal Palace,  Silver Pagoda, the National Museum (oh don't give me that look - I am a museum freak ok, especially those that displays art ), wat phnom and the central market....in no particular order. And if I can find the post office it'll be cool too because I need to send Jo a postcard.

Breakfast is on the table so time to run. Till later!

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