Monday, September 10, 2012

On a red eye to Cambodia....

In less than 2 hours, I will be saying my temporary goodbyes and heading towards the unknown. I'm pretty excited because this round I'm travelling light - no excess baggage - and it'll be super cool to roam around an unknown city exploring.

By the time I reach Phnom Penh it'll be 7.30 (Phnom Penh time) and I'm thinking of hitting the touristy sights as soon as I dumped my luggage at the hotel. I haven't been having much rest over the past couple of days, with work and all, and I know that if I opted for an early check in and doze off I'll be dozing off till quite late during the day so I'm putting on my toursit cap (literally speaking) and plan to go around town on foot.

Of course, I would love to shop but perhaps I should do shopping tomorrow, because I'll be there all week anyway.

*nice kan?*

On another note I am really looking forward on this trip because it's my first solo trip out of the country (apart from Koh Samui - which doesn't count because duh.....Thailand is literally our own backyard) and without companionship, I'll get to do things that I want to do at my own pace. Sure, I get remarks from people going "what? alone? won't you get bored?" but hey, to be frankly speaking, its less hassle, nobody argues and I love shopping on my own. And from what I heard Phnom Penh is a shopping heaven so I have high expectations.

Thanks to Nina on Phnom Penh travelling tips. Let's see how much I get to score when I come back.


Till then. You guys have a great week. If their wifi is anything better than the ones in Semiyak, Bali, you will definitely hear a lot more from me over the next couple of days. *winks*.

Much love and peace.


aida said...

Hi, i wish i am brave enuff to travel alone to phnom penh..please it safe for a woman to be travelling alone to the country..

Zuraida said...

hi aida....oh i plan to! stay tune okay...i hope to get to it once i finish posting my cambodia trip pics!