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Pics from Phnom Penh Day 1

Everyone must have been horrified sck looking at my face before the take-off...the photo is so not photogenic okay with the orange lighting and all tetiba rasa macam gain weight tahap gila gaban and kulit hitam semacam je....hahahha....anyhow this is one of a more normal me....

Tada!!!!!Yeah hello helo. Sila maafkan muka agak sememeh...its in fact 5am and I haven't slept much all night. Takde makeup lagi!!!! Nak muka lawa cam retis I will have to show you my raya photos.


As I took the morning flight out I am at Phnom Penh super early....because Phnom Penh time is one hour behind KL. The sun was shining and all britey so untul membuktikan keberanian first time meredah an unknown town.....I have braved myself to take the tuk tuk as soon as I relieve my bags in my room at the Paddy Rice motel at the riverfront.

I took the tuktuk the whole day thereafter. In fact I took the tuk tuk everywhere if I am not in the mood to walk. But since I'm thinking of shedding off some weight I walk as much as I can. :)

A tuk tuk ride generally cost USD2 per way, unless you go for somewhere further out of town like the Cheung Uk field (the killing fields) or somewhere slightly off the central area of the Olympic market. They will usually ask for USD3 per ride once they know you are a tourist but don't budge beyond USD2 per way. Pay extra dollar (USD3) if you to Olympic Market.

The tuk tuk drivers are generally very friendly people, and if you want to save cost and cahrter them to bring you around the whole day you can bargain with them the price to do so. There's no fix day charter price, and there's a risk that they might roam around while they wait. I don't day charter because I want to be free to go in and out a place at will, but technically they're everywhere so finding a tuk tuk driver is easy peasy.

My first destination is the Russian Market (oh standard kaki shopping - mesti pergi shopping first!) to check out the bargains that my friend Nina keep on rambling about. The Russian Market is a bit down south of the city so on the way from the hotel to the market I manage to get a quick lay of the land and get a hang of some of the places that I plan to go like...

The Royal Palace.

I still haven't got the chance to go there till today because I spend the sunny part of the day shopping and by the time I'm done it rains.

So not nice photo op. Especially when the garden compound looks so divine from the outside. (oh I know, got stuck in the rain yesterday and manage to stand at the gate till the rain cools I peaked inside. Boleh?).

So here you go. The Russian Market.

Apa ada di sana??

Macam-macam ada. But the Russian Market is well known for clothing and its open day market. You can also get souvie's here at better bargain rate than the Central Market. They have a few rows of shops that sells materials for clothing but if that is what you are looking it for Olympic Market.

What you can really go bonkers for at the Russian Market are the silk pouches and the fashion jewelleries. I got necklaces, earrings and rings - all the funky statement types - at the range between usd2 to usd8 per piece. Each item sold in KL between rm25 to rm80 per piece.

Save mucho mucho grande!

I found a silver jeweller to tailor make me a ring at the market and came back today to pick it up.  


Other than that you can also find tailors here. And if you are the type of shopper that can run through piles and piles of stuff - this is the place for you. 

You will need about 2 to 3 hours here. As soon as you are done the nearest touristy attraction is the Tuol Seng Genocide Museum.

The Tuol Seng Genocide Museum collates Pol Pot's torture history to his Cambodian counterparts. Of course, the place doesn't look much compared to Ho Chi Minh's genocide museum but to tell you the truth, the more you walk through the halls, the eerier you will feel as if the dead is still lingering around. I did not dare to even walk up the second floor, I keep myself in the compounds where there are lots of people because I can literally feel my hair standing up the moment I pass the first block. Some pics to share on my museum visit. Entrance fee is USD 2. You can hire a guide if you want to, they definitely have a lot of stories to tell which is not written on the walls. An alternative is just to linger around areas where there are guides explaining to some mat saleh tourist, heheheh, gila keji.

Some of the buildings are in barb wire to avoid people from running away or killing themselves. The area is a makeshift prison from what was originally a school and is used to torture prisoners of the regime.

And guess what?

One survived!

Meet uncle Bou. 

After the museum it makes a lot of sense to go to Cheung Ek aka the Killing Fields where the regime held mass genecide. The trip is about 45 minutes per way via tuk prepared to pay abt USD10 per round trip and get yourself a mask while you're at it because its freaking dusty.

The entrance fee is USD5 and it comes with a cool visual aids that tells the story of what happened in the field.

Do you know the shrine behind me is filled with skulls? Like more than 9,000 people and still counting worth of skulls? They say when it rains the fields get flooded and from tiem to time bones and remains will sufficed, so they will then gather them to respectably deal with it.

This is one of the many locations of the mass suicides. To preserve the place they build roofs over what was once a big square filled with bodies. Building a gate around them also helps keep people from stepping on it.

It is a grave after all.

The lake at the centre of the field.

Moving forward I found a mass grave filled with friendship bands.

Guess what?

Its a mass grave of women and children killed in the field.

So not cool.

I finished the whole audio though. By the time I'm done at the field its almost 4pm and can't do much by that time coz most of the other touristy places close at 5pm.

So the tuk tuk driver drove me back.

The view of the riverfront from the road adjacent to the Royal Palace. Cantek kan????

Stay tune for day 2.


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