Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pics from Phnom Penh Day 3

It took some time for me to sift through my photos from the phnom penh trip because I don't know what I did but suddenly most of my pics are saved in raw formats....grrr.....kena la edit dulu before I can actually put it up. Means extra time to edit my over 500 pics. Apa la nasib. I have been so malas lately it has been ages since I last edited my photos....tau tau load je. 

Plus my lappy have been super slow lately. Perhaps its netbook functionally is not up to my superspeed search requirements and whatnot, now that I am using it for more than just blogging. I have been contemplating on a mac, but then I am still not sure whether the cost will outweight the benefits. 

See...I digress. Sabar sket. I am saving my edited photos so it might take a while.

Lets talk about Day 3. 

Actually nothing much on day 3 because it was raining on and off the whole day. I hit the Olympic Market where they have endless supplies of lace, cotton, silk and the likes and spent almost the whole morning bargaining on lace and silk. Sorry, no photo of the place because its like a textile warzone at that place. Berkodi-kodi kain....half way I got a massive headache trying to sift through the likes from the no likes. But I was blessed, I found a lot of likes....and its beyond what I have expected, so I came back with a loot. 


To those who are interested to go for a textile hunt in Phnom Penh go straight to Olympic Market, like all markets they have more than textile, but the kain yang berkodi-kodi tu is at the first floor, so just take the stairs up and skip the "where the hell are all the silk and lace?" confusion I had when I first got there. Tuk tuk cost a bit extra because the place is a bit off from the central area - its USD3 per head per way. Anything beyond that just walk away and get another tuktuk. There is always excess supply of me.

By the time I reach my hotel from the market its was almost 2pm, and the weather is showing signs of rain. So I freshen up and decided to post my postcards at the nearby post office (its near Wat Phnom)  and decided to just chill at a local cafe near the post office till the rain is over.

The rain ended at 6pm. On my way back, I stopped for cheap foot reflexogy ( stressing cheap - USD4 for an hour) and walk slowly back to the hotel for dinner.

Okay. Now dah abis save, Enjoy the pics!

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