Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another day another entry....

Oh I can't help myself listening to repetitive stuff so I am shutting down the student side of me and ramble here instead. I hate to write sad stories (in which I have been doing quite a number of times lately) so I decided that perhaps its just best for me to shut up while I heal myself. Okay, I know...some don't agree with this. I also believed that it's best to vent out your frustrations so can you can close the case and immediately move on but I realised that over a month had lapsed and I am not getting any better.

In fact there are times when I just get even worse.Or confuse. So to hell with pouring my hard out. Let's try something else.

On awal muharram holidays I bought a ticket to watch Istanbul Aku Datang. Wow, an eye opener.  I can so relate. And damn D is one lucky girl....

If I get to leave everything and start over and find love as sweet as in IAD I would just leave and do it. What the heck. For a moment I actually believe everything could be fine again.


Young love. I believe I use to be that optimistic, alas I suppose age changes you.

Yet the movie is an excellent one - now I put Lisa Surihani as one of my favourites after Fazura and Maya Karin. You think Lagenda Budak Setan 2 can beat that? On top of an easygoing and fun story line, the movie is shot in a super nice location and the soundtrack cam best. I give the movie an 8.5 out of 10. And then nanti nak beli the CD and the DVD. hahahahhah.

Yeah when I love something I psycho much.

In order to move on I am now embarking in yet another new challenge. Yesterday, I started my day in a new job. New responsibilities. New faces. Hopefully this can give me the distraction I need and the strength to stand back on my own two feet - now better than ever.

Wish me luck?

xoxo. Till later!

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