Sunday, November 4, 2012

Remedies for a broken heart, anyone?


It took me a while before I manage to gain composure and write something for today's submission and presentation. That, and an hour crying while watching A Walk To Remember in tv. I have to say this so unlike me, but I am a tad sentimental these day. 

Its over its over its over. Deal with it. Get a grip.

I finally mange to write something at 3am today and God bless, a submittable paper and presentation by 6am. Which leaves me about an hour or so for power nap then rushed to class. I do not look like a million bucks - which defeats my new mantra of must look like you walk out of magazine at all times. Its tiring okay to hold a composed emotional front and dress up every single day, so since I going to be late anyway I don't think my classmates would mind my dull face.

Not so bad for no make-up and a heartbreak eh? Thanks to Vit C and Collagen pills and a host of beauty products - the only thing I need now is just sleep and more laughter so I can banish the puffy eyes. And that dry lips....hmmm, mana my Kiehl's lip gloss ni?? Gotta go and find them asap.

*ye la kata dalam misi membuktikan that its his loss :p*

I plan to grow my hair, but I'm getting a bit uncomfortable with the uneven layers. With stress piling up I wish I can just run to the salon and chop everything off, alas I need have to be patient.  I feel a sudden need for long shiny black hair - I think I am getting tired of highlights and short do's. My stylist is so gonna hate it but I think almost a decade of brown do's is enough. I gotta stand up and tell her I want something different and exciting  - because I am starting to hate the dull brown streaks on my head everytime I malas nak blow dry my hair. I think if my hair is jet black it will look more lively irregardless.

We will revisit this in a couple of months. When the hair is a few inches longer.

There will be changes coming up in about 2 weeks time. I'm suppose to be excited about it, but alas I'm still under the weather. It's going to be a busy 2 weeks though since I need to wrap up all the assignments I procrastinated over the past 2 months and work towards an early submission so that I can move on peacefully to this new change. Perhaps its a blessing in disguise - change is always good as I need to work on the steep 6 months learning curve (yet again) - so hopefully it will bring me back on my feet.

Till then, if any of you out there has a solution for me to try, feel free to drop a comment.  Ciao!


dieya said...

haven't been on blogosphere for a while, thus i only read this today.
babe, i'm so sorry to hear about what happened. you will get through this. i know you will. *big hug*

Zuraida said...

Thanks dieya. Big hug!