Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turning tables and leaving the rest behind...

It seems like the only time I have to blog these days is when I am in between class lecture and presentations. Before I ramble on any further let me show you what class is like these days....

 Two of my closest DBA buddies....Liew & Mazlan. We enrolled the same day and took a few of the same class together. I don't think I can ever make it this far if they were not around. My classes are usually quite small and I am usually in a very confused state, so yes, to be here this far is astonishing.

I am obviously stressed out. Exam week starts this week, and with the new job and the wreckage at home....things to be super out of hand. The new workplace is definitely a salvation - the workload and long hours did help me bounce back and focus on new things, so I am no longer in zombie mode missing someone who didnt really care about me. I suppose I need to let bygones be bygones. Close one door as other door opens up - so I am not going to waste the opportunity I have now.

By the way, its his lost. :p

Why the hell am I rambling about this?

Have you guys watched the new twilight movie? I am a diehard TwiFan....mesti la I dah tengok! Muahahahahh!!!! And omg, I have to say that's the best twilight installation  and a good ending for the saga. A must watched. And if you are there, do brace yourself for more of Taylor Lautner's hot bod episode. Its as if he's putting it all out so that we won't miss him more when all of the schbang is over.

Manage to go for the Tun Sri Hasmah debut theater last week before the show wraps its curtains....

There you go...comel kan? I have to say the show was fantastic. They have quite a strong cast and I enjoyed  the night.  Kudos to Lisa Surihani and Eja for bringing life to the show. 

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