Thursday, December 27, 2012


...something I need but somehow I don't think I'm blessed with.


When I thought that I would finally find time to sit back, gather my thoughts and use the weekend to clean up and spring clean before the new year (and the new semester starts) the house just needs to be crowded again.  Macam ni sampai bila pun rumah ni macam tongkang pecah sebab I don't have the space and the motivation to clean it. By the time I do have space later (that is when everyone is not around) work will be stretching me thin pulak.

Nanti cakap lebih lebih lain pulak jadinya.

So not in the mood.

4 days to new year. Hope your long weekend will be way better than mine.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Catching up with the furious....

Who would have thought I'd be home on xmas?


Penat la weyh.  The last one month had been crazy, and tiring. I suppose that since I've left all the "working late mojo" behind me it kinda took a while to get used to the long working hour and piling papers and numbers.  Seriously, work is no joke....and its end December okay. 

Sigh. Imagine what will happen to me after new year.


Anyways I took the time today to just recuperate. Woke up late. Eat. Sleep. And watched back to back version of the Fast and the Furious - from F&F no 1.

Oh I miss Vin Diesel. He's super macho.

*drool...yeah I can drool. Coz nobody would bother. Lucky me. Heheheeh*

I have one more to go.

Till later peeps!


Happy Holiday's Y'all!!!!

From someone who has been mostly silent the whole year and not so merry (since I think if I look back , I missed out on wishing on many many festive occasions)  I suppose I can do little by wishing everyone....

.....and a Happy New Year.

Don't over imagine okay. I could never fit is super mini skirts and go bare at the mid drifts.


Have a good break peeps. 6 days to a whole new year. A whole new mess...and opportunities a like...don't you just love how a year can unfold like mystery gifts?

Be safe on the road ok!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Mari check out piccas Bobo and Bambam

This set of photos has been taken a while back....tapi since my super lazy me ni malas nak blogging all the pics just stayed in my pic folder dalam lappy je la. My two (remaining) kittens had grown to be the more than average cat fatso's with bulu kembang and all so yeah, they are quite adorable.

To tell you the truth they are quite naughty at times, I rasa nak jual je ok. Tapi my sister is quite attached to them, macam kesian pualk. Everything I ugut nak jual my sister will go "what??? why??? jangan la jual...they are cute apa???". Tapi then tak adventure la sebab they are super lazy like us as well and no matter how rajin you try nak main with them they will just sit at a spot and stare at you.


But bila time tengah active tu rasa macam nak roboh la pulak kucing ni berlari and jumping around. To a point they can jump in between book cases and sofa. Huish. Horror. If you are on the sofa jangan harap la terselamat....they will just run over you like you're a fixture.

Sebab tu la if one day terjual kucing kucing ni you should understand why.


Anyways, enjoy them for now.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lost in music.....

Readers had been complaining that I should write more. Hahahaha. I suppose if I write more about pain people will start puking. There is definitely not enough love to go around. But I don't wish to give up just yet. Its somewhere out there....I just have to believe good things will happen in due time.

Work has been super awesome. Okay, perhaps I can do with a lighter workload and better hours, but such things has its own cycle perhaps my laid back days are over and I just have to suck it up like the rest of the world and work my ass off (ho yeah....I was recently reminded that nothing comes easy la kan, so  okla insaf sekejap) but the work has so far made me better, so I suppose its not such a bad thing to give it a shot.

Its been weeks since I actually get to get to stop and do my own things, I have spent so much time at work and in front of my lappy that my eyes went all sore I decided to just chill over this weekend and stretch my eyes at the malls....and guess what? I found the CD Lucky sings Broery....which I find to be a cool remake of Broery Marantika's best tunes ala jazz. Oh heart it to bits. I attached a YouTube clip as samplers. Dah lama kan tak tag a clip...I think last was Christian Bautista's clip kot....

....oh how I have got so out of touch kan!


Its a week to new year and I need to start working on my new year resolution list. I know I won't be sticking to it anyway but then I felt lost for a while now and a resolution list might help give me perspective. I should trim out all the lost causes in my life and make new dreams - ones that does not involve chasing old ones. So yeah....I should sit down and put a thought to it.

Till later! 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

The longest semester ever.....

...its like I'm in a never ending nightmare bubble and somehow the pain won't end.

I have a feeling of being lost over this past couple of days. Out of the blue there's a wall in my head and somehow everything is difficult.


Maybe its a phase.

A friend text me saying that she wish she is as strong as I am. It surprises her how I manage to pull myself together after what have happened over the past couple of  month.

I am but human. I bleed and I feel pain. Others may not be able to see the scars over all the cosmetics money can buy, but it doesn't mean it ain't there.

I am human and I bleed.

I sat for my last paper today at lost of what I was doing and couldn't even make sense of what I wrote on the answer sheet. Crap.

Perhaps what I need is a break from all this.Its good that the semester break is starting soon.

Lets all pray for change. Lets all pray for something better. And in the process, lets pray to heal.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When the only thing I crave for is a good day's rest.....

The past two weeks had been a mix of crazy and made me question what the hell I am actually doing the things I am doing right now (study, work etc) and whether its all worth it. I know, my decisions are initially made with best intentions but the turn if events that led to it was questionable...I wish I wasn't pushed by circumstances to do what I did because there is certainly a lot on my plate right now.


Guess what? Time passed so fast, I didn' t even realised that it has been 10 years since I left uni and joined the workforce. After a decade has anything changed? Hmmmm..... I can say a lot has changed. The person I know 10 years ago seems like a distant memory. But to be frankly speaking at this point I am trying very very hard not to lose myself.

But then my working hours seems to reset back to when I first started 10 years ago the moment I join my new co. In one hand the long hours helped me heal the pain I'm going through at the moment - it deinitely pulled me out of my misery - but then again I felt like I'm running around like an energiser bunny....I am just afraid I might burn out sooner tha I thought.

Of course, when venturing into the new and the unknown everything is very scary. I have to admit that I might be fearing the worse. But I am trying to reserve my thoughts till when the worse actually happened, because there is no need to panic no?

Till then!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pics speaks a thousand words - Komala's Birthday Tea Party

Its exam week....and I have just recently switched to a new job which demands more of my time and energy (for now) so I spent the very few hours left (outside of work and study) to catch with some sleep.

But then who doesn't like nice pics yeah? Here are some from our celebration of Komala's birthday a few weeks back. We had a simple tea party at Delicious Bangsar - one might thought to be boring happens to turn out a fun day out. 

Oh I miss my girls.

Got to make time. :)

Thanks to Shahnaz for co-organising (and putting up with my crappy work and study schedules) and my gal pals for being there. You guys made my day.