Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Catching up with the furious....

Who would have thought I'd be home on xmas?


Penat la weyh.  The last one month had been crazy, and tiring. I suppose that since I've left all the "working late mojo" behind me it kinda took a while to get used to the long working hour and piling papers and numbers.  Seriously, work is no joke....and its end December okay. 

Sigh. Imagine what will happen to me after new year.


Anyways I took the time today to just recuperate. Woke up late. Eat. Sleep. And watched back to back version of the Fast and the Furious - from F&F no 1.

Oh I miss Vin Diesel. He's super macho.

*drool...yeah I can drool. Coz nobody would bother. Lucky me. Heheheeh*

I have one more to go.

Till later peeps!


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