Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lost in music.....

Readers had been complaining that I should write more. Hahahaha. I suppose if I write more about pain people will start puking. There is definitely not enough love to go around. But I don't wish to give up just yet. Its somewhere out there....I just have to believe good things will happen in due time.

Work has been super awesome. Okay, perhaps I can do with a lighter workload and better hours, but such things has its own cycle perhaps my laid back days are over and I just have to suck it up like the rest of the world and work my ass off (ho yeah....I was recently reminded that nothing comes easy la kan, so  okla insaf sekejap) but the work has so far made me better, so I suppose its not such a bad thing to give it a shot.

Its been weeks since I actually get to get to stop and do my own things, I have spent so much time at work and in front of my lappy that my eyes went all sore I decided to just chill over this weekend and stretch my eyes at the malls....and guess what? I found the CD Lucky sings Broery....which I find to be a cool remake of Broery Marantika's best tunes ala jazz. Oh heart it to bits. I attached a YouTube clip as samplers. Dah lama kan tak tag a clip...I think last was Christian Bautista's clip kot....

....oh how I have got so out of touch kan!


Its a week to new year and I need to start working on my new year resolution list. I know I won't be sticking to it anyway but then I felt lost for a while now and a resolution list might help give me perspective. I should trim out all the lost causes in my life and make new dreams - ones that does not involve chasing old ones. So yeah....I should sit down and put a thought to it.

Till later! 


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