Monday, December 24, 2012

Mari check out piccas Bobo and Bambam

This set of photos has been taken a while back....tapi since my super lazy me ni malas nak blogging all the pics just stayed in my pic folder dalam lappy je la. My two (remaining) kittens had grown to be the more than average cat fatso's with bulu kembang and all so yeah, they are quite adorable.

To tell you the truth they are quite naughty at times, I rasa nak jual je ok. Tapi my sister is quite attached to them, macam kesian pualk. Everything I ugut nak jual my sister will go "what??? why??? jangan la jual...they are cute apa???". Tapi then tak adventure la sebab they are super lazy like us as well and no matter how rajin you try nak main with them they will just sit at a spot and stare at you.


But bila time tengah active tu rasa macam nak roboh la pulak kucing ni berlari and jumping around. To a point they can jump in between book cases and sofa. Huish. Horror. If you are on the sofa jangan harap la terselamat....they will just run over you like you're a fixture.

Sebab tu la if one day terjual kucing kucing ni you should understand why.


Anyways, enjoy them for now.


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