Saturday, December 8, 2012

The longest semester ever.....

...its like I'm in a never ending nightmare bubble and somehow the pain won't end.

I have a feeling of being lost over this past couple of days. Out of the blue there's a wall in my head and somehow everything is difficult.


Maybe its a phase.

A friend text me saying that she wish she is as strong as I am. It surprises her how I manage to pull myself together after what have happened over the past couple of  month.

I am but human. I bleed and I feel pain. Others may not be able to see the scars over all the cosmetics money can buy, but it doesn't mean it ain't there.

I am human and I bleed.

I sat for my last paper today at lost of what I was doing and couldn't even make sense of what I wrote on the answer sheet. Crap.

Perhaps what I need is a break from all this.Its good that the semester break is starting soon.

Lets all pray for change. Lets all pray for something better. And in the process, lets pray to heal.

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