Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When the only thing I crave for is a good day's rest.....

The past two weeks had been a mix of crazy and made me question what the hell I am actually doing the things I am doing right now (study, work etc) and whether its all worth it. I know, my decisions are initially made with best intentions but the turn if events that led to it was questionable...I wish I wasn't pushed by circumstances to do what I did because there is certainly a lot on my plate right now.


Guess what? Time passed so fast, I didn' t even realised that it has been 10 years since I left uni and joined the workforce. After a decade has anything changed? Hmmmm..... I can say a lot has changed. The person I know 10 years ago seems like a distant memory. But to be frankly speaking at this point I am trying very very hard not to lose myself.

But then my working hours seems to reset back to when I first started 10 years ago the moment I join my new co. In one hand the long hours helped me heal the pain I'm going through at the moment - it deinitely pulled me out of my misery - but then again I felt like I'm running around like an energiser bunny....I am just afraid I might burn out sooner tha I thought.

Of course, when venturing into the new and the unknown everything is very scary. I have to admit that I might be fearing the worse. But I am trying to reserve my thoughts till when the worse actually happened, because there is no need to panic no?

Till then!

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