Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally, something good to watch....

Being at work all the time means limited time to catch up on movies and tv series. No biggie...since I have nobody to enjoy them with lately. It does come up as a bit boring at times to go to the movies alone but hey, I am lucky to have a sister who loves to download stuff over the internet so over the last long break I finally catch up the Perks of Being a Wallflower.

*so true*

I think the movie is awesome. It has interesting story line, funny at times and get your mind thinking...yes, it has some very serious take for a coming of age movie but I really enjoyed it, to a point it even crossed my mind to go and read the book myself. But then....che' mana ada time no?

My favorite part of the movie is when Charlie asked his teacher why people end up loving others who hurt them anyways and the teacher answered....

"Charlie, people accept love they think they deserve"


I never really give it a thought as to why relationships don't work or why we end up tolerating toxic partners but perhaps what Charlie's teacher said was true, that maybe deep down inside we didn't believe that we deserve better and in the process, learn to compromise on things that we shouldn't have. In the process a lot of people get hurt simply because none of us knew better.

I recently found out that an anonymous friend is soon to be wed to someone he's not in love with just to get back at a girl he had a crush on for more than a decade. The first thought that crossed my mind was what a pity, that girl is now a scapegoat on a screwed up revenge plot....would that ever lead to happiness? Being second best?

I personally feel that the reason he's into such circumstances is pathetic and sad. That eventually if you push something that is not of your will you will simply hit rock bottom one day and regret the very decision that you make. But then who am I to judge?

“Not everyone has a sob story, Charlie, and even if they do, it’s no excuse.”

But then again the same quote hit me - people accept love they think they deserve. What a person deserves is not necessarily bad all the time, there can be good to it as well. Maybe there's good to this.

Always with positive thoughts.


Life does not stop for anybody. So do the things that make you happy. Its just too short to waste.


Short note.

If it is not because of the recent Beijing health alert and massive air pollution concerns, I would have been blogging from Beijing, China, today. Alas, I have to put health first.  I can't risk falling sick since I do have chronic asma and the chilly winter and bad air is just too scary for me. I can't fall sick now that everything is going pretty good at work.

I wish I had taken the study deferment instead of signing up for papers this semester. I still have 6 papers to go and a thesis before the course is over. Over the past couple of months I no longer have the mood to sit in classes anyways, every single day at the campus is more like enduring the moment rather than something I enjoyed. Sah sah niat asal nak  belajar dah menyimpang. Sigh.  But its too late now to back out since registration and whatnot is closed over last weekend.  Plus all this is under my own dime - so there is no such thing as backing out now. 

Dah half way dah pun. Have patience.

Still have a couple of long weekends before the year starts pushing to gear no 5.  One of it this weekend and another the CNY weekend.

Oh bliss. Should enjoy them while they last.

Till then.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Many long days had finally led to this one final hour....

3 weeks of sleepless nights and long hours finally brought me to one day of unnerving wait when the team is put on standby while the work is presented.

Its almost 3pm and we are still waiting on hoping that everything is okay.hopefully all is good and we can finally close this and move on.


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Saturday, January 12, 2013

What I learnt in school today....

Over the past 1 week, I have been having sleepless nights because of my demanding new job scope and helping my friend organising the student Beijing trip. Hell broke lose when the project manager excuse himself all of sudden. Seriously, a project without project manager? Super responsible right?

Despite all odds, the very few remaining had worked tirelessly and in the span of days came up with this.... that particular project manager, malulah kalau in the future all of a sudden macam chipsmore nak come upfront and claim credit ok.  What's on the board is not something that came from you.

Just saying.

Tak kisah la lepas ni you suddenly nak stamp I kurang ajar (lagi), better kurang ajar than kurang pandai.


Sorry guys, frustration venting. And its just merely 2 weeks on the new year. Bad bad bad.

Sat for my econs class at noon and my spirits were lifted. All of a sudden I felt this surge of motivation to continue on the new semester with zest. Funny, it felts just a few days ago I was so demotivated thinking about the clash between my work and study commitments.Though at this point I usually chicken out, hari ni takde pulak feeling nak chicken out tu. Macam someway somehow I seem to feel that I will go through another 3 months unscathed - unlike the last round when its all so gloomy.

Stupid isn't it how one guy can tunble your life around?

But then what the heck. Lately I realised that I shouldn't let him put me down, in any way and that he's just not worth it. Its good that its over and done with when it is. Because what I am getting to know about him now from others is not pretty.

Lets just say that I got news that my ex is not a trustworthy person anyway and that other noticed it and that they don't bother giving their two-cents worth on him. And I heard it not only from just anyone, but also from someone who knew him for quite sometime (since the past 5 years) and is quite close to him - so if such person say so its fair enough that he didn't deserve any credit la kan and that I'm blinded ; hence I should feel much better.

Oh I digress. and you think a girl can snap out of it kan?

Well, in my econs class today I learned that at the slightest bit of annoyance, the cognitive mind seems to be able to manipulate people towards revenge - and in such, results to irrational behaviour in making logical decision making - leading to waste and cost . The thing is people won't care about waste and cost because at the end of the day revenge satisfies the need for vengence over annoyance.

You think I am capable of such?

Hahaahah...point to ponder.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

1st day of the semester drama....

Did I tell you that the new semester has already started?

How time flies.

With my new working commitments I am not really sure how I will cope with my papers but I am turning on a new leaf and I am hoping for the best.

Was at UUM KL campus the whole day yesterday sorting out my new semester schedule. Sigh.  From what I see my options is pretty limited and it'll be another tough 3 months ahead since I am left with only economics and entrepenurial finance to go for this round. To tell you the truth I hate economics - its like chemistry to me ; I totally don't get the concept eventhough I tried to convince myself countless times that economics is simply add maths in high school.

Oh I forgot how much I hate add maths too.


That never stopped me.


Did I tell you that there's a team at campus working on a trip to Beijing?

I suppose I didn't...but then I hate to recall all the drama that has been going on since all the bruhaha started in December.Long story short there's somebody who's uncomfortable thinking that I intend to steal somebody's limelight for organising the trip and whatnot.

Seriously. You want to fight me for something managed so bad? 

A leader is recognised by merit of their followers, and people are not blind.

Sigh. Tak kuasa aku nak waste my time.

Anyways, I wish you all the best.  Jangan at the end of the day I have to go and pick up the pieces sudah. Such a shame isn't it?


Friday, January 4, 2013

Another year....

Said my goodbye's to 2012 by locking myself at home and watching back to back episodes of Once Upon A Time s02, Criminal Minds s08, Touch s01, Gossip Girl finale s08 and downloaded over 130 episodes of tv series - enough to last me for the next couple of weeks before the season kicks off from mid season break. Gila tv-geek talk. Hahahahah! 

The past weekend had been an eye opener. I suppose God still loves me so he shows me the way ; that I shouldn't be bogged down over the past - let them all go and move on. Some things are just lost cause - so there is no point in dwelling over it. I finally moved pass it (hopefully - there had been so many finally's lately) and I have decided to make adjustments to my routine - go back to gym, focus on work, readjust my classs schedules - and it should be for the better.  I should focus on me, me and me. I know - sounds selfish. But when I am unselfish people think that I am selfish anyway, so what the heck. 


Its been crazy at work. We are finalising the year end accounts and what not so office is practically second home and the meeting room projector is basically my 60 inch flat screen. For a while my tv series fad was replaced with hours and hours on slide scrutising activity - worst till 6am on a saturday morning. Deep down I hope this will not be permanent. I do have papers to finish and a thesis to write. 

Anyways I hope your first week of the new year is nothing like mine.


Got to go back to work (yeah!).