Sunday, January 6, 2013

1st day of the semester drama....

Did I tell you that the new semester has already started?

How time flies.

With my new working commitments I am not really sure how I will cope with my papers but I am turning on a new leaf and I am hoping for the best.

Was at UUM KL campus the whole day yesterday sorting out my new semester schedule. Sigh.  From what I see my options is pretty limited and it'll be another tough 3 months ahead since I am left with only economics and entrepenurial finance to go for this round. To tell you the truth I hate economics - its like chemistry to me ; I totally don't get the concept eventhough I tried to convince myself countless times that economics is simply add maths in high school.

Oh I forgot how much I hate add maths too.


That never stopped me.


Did I tell you that there's a team at campus working on a trip to Beijing?

I suppose I didn't...but then I hate to recall all the drama that has been going on since all the bruhaha started in December.Long story short there's somebody who's uncomfortable thinking that I intend to steal somebody's limelight for organising the trip and whatnot.

Seriously. You want to fight me for something managed so bad? 

A leader is recognised by merit of their followers, and people are not blind.

Sigh. Tak kuasa aku nak waste my time.

Anyways, I wish you all the best.  Jangan at the end of the day I have to go and pick up the pieces sudah. Such a shame isn't it?


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