Friday, January 4, 2013

Another year....

Said my goodbye's to 2012 by locking myself at home and watching back to back episodes of Once Upon A Time s02, Criminal Minds s08, Touch s01, Gossip Girl finale s08 and downloaded over 130 episodes of tv series - enough to last me for the next couple of weeks before the season kicks off from mid season break. Gila tv-geek talk. Hahahahah! 

The past weekend had been an eye opener. I suppose God still loves me so he shows me the way ; that I shouldn't be bogged down over the past - let them all go and move on. Some things are just lost cause - so there is no point in dwelling over it. I finally moved pass it (hopefully - there had been so many finally's lately) and I have decided to make adjustments to my routine - go back to gym, focus on work, readjust my classs schedules - and it should be for the better.  I should focus on me, me and me. I know - sounds selfish. But when I am unselfish people think that I am selfish anyway, so what the heck. 


Its been crazy at work. We are finalising the year end accounts and what not so office is practically second home and the meeting room projector is basically my 60 inch flat screen. For a while my tv series fad was replaced with hours and hours on slide scrutising activity - worst till 6am on a saturday morning. Deep down I hope this will not be permanent. I do have papers to finish and a thesis to write. 

Anyways I hope your first week of the new year is nothing like mine.


Got to go back to work (yeah!). 


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