Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally, something good to watch....

Being at work all the time means limited time to catch up on movies and tv series. No biggie...since I have nobody to enjoy them with lately. It does come up as a bit boring at times to go to the movies alone but hey, I am lucky to have a sister who loves to download stuff over the internet so over the last long break I finally catch up the Perks of Being a Wallflower.

*so true*

I think the movie is awesome. It has interesting story line, funny at times and get your mind thinking...yes, it has some very serious take for a coming of age movie but I really enjoyed it, to a point it even crossed my mind to go and read the book myself. But then....che' mana ada time no?

My favorite part of the movie is when Charlie asked his teacher why people end up loving others who hurt them anyways and the teacher answered....

"Charlie, people accept love they think they deserve"


I never really give it a thought as to why relationships don't work or why we end up tolerating toxic partners but perhaps what Charlie's teacher said was true, that maybe deep down inside we didn't believe that we deserve better and in the process, learn to compromise on things that we shouldn't have. In the process a lot of people get hurt simply because none of us knew better.

I recently found out that an anonymous friend is soon to be wed to someone he's not in love with just to get back at a girl he had a crush on for more than a decade. The first thought that crossed my mind was what a pity, that girl is now a scapegoat on a screwed up revenge plot....would that ever lead to happiness? Being second best?

I personally feel that the reason he's into such circumstances is pathetic and sad. That eventually if you push something that is not of your will you will simply hit rock bottom one day and regret the very decision that you make. But then who am I to judge?

“Not everyone has a sob story, Charlie, and even if they do, it’s no excuse.”

But then again the same quote hit me - people accept love they think they deserve. What a person deserves is not necessarily bad all the time, there can be good to it as well. Maybe there's good to this.

Always with positive thoughts.


Life does not stop for anybody. So do the things that make you happy. Its just too short to waste.



dieya said...

i have the dvd on the shelf, staring at me for a couple of weeks now. tak tengok2. reading what you wrote here suddenly makes me wanna watch it.

oh dear.. i really pity that girl who's gonna be the wife of your anonymous friend. and in some ways i pity the guy too. why marry a rebound girl when he still can't let go of his former flame? it will only cause hurt to himself, the girl and everyone else.

cerita melayu (be it in movies or novels) banyak konsep "kawin paksa" or "kawin belasah je" then suddenly fall in love lepas kawin. the truth is, from the reality that i see around me, lebih ramai yg tak happy even lepas anak berderet. and end up cari semula their old flames even after tens of years.

prince of wales + duchess of cromwall. sounds familiar?

Zuraida said...


U should watch the show, its awesome. Both my sister and I loved it.

Some ppl have quite a positive take on kawin belasah je...i suppose they'd rather risk it then not experiencing the moment. Whts life without risk aite?

But then again if that makes them happy they should just do it. Even when i believe it shouldnt be the case.