Monday, January 28, 2013

Short note.

If it is not because of the recent Beijing health alert and massive air pollution concerns, I would have been blogging from Beijing, China, today. Alas, I have to put health first.  I can't risk falling sick since I do have chronic asma and the chilly winter and bad air is just too scary for me. I can't fall sick now that everything is going pretty good at work.

I wish I had taken the study deferment instead of signing up for papers this semester. I still have 6 papers to go and a thesis before the course is over. Over the past couple of months I no longer have the mood to sit in classes anyways, every single day at the campus is more like enduring the moment rather than something I enjoyed. Sah sah niat asal nak  belajar dah menyimpang. Sigh.  But its too late now to back out since registration and whatnot is closed over last weekend.  Plus all this is under my own dime - so there is no such thing as backing out now. 

Dah half way dah pun. Have patience.

Still have a couple of long weekends before the year starts pushing to gear no 5.  One of it this weekend and another the CNY weekend.

Oh bliss. Should enjoy them while they last.

Till then.


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