Saturday, January 12, 2013

What I learnt in school today....

Over the past 1 week, I have been having sleepless nights because of my demanding new job scope and helping my friend organising the student Beijing trip. Hell broke lose when the project manager excuse himself all of sudden. Seriously, a project without project manager? Super responsible right?

Despite all odds, the very few remaining had worked tirelessly and in the span of days came up with this.... that particular project manager, malulah kalau in the future all of a sudden macam chipsmore nak come upfront and claim credit ok.  What's on the board is not something that came from you.

Just saying.

Tak kisah la lepas ni you suddenly nak stamp I kurang ajar (lagi), better kurang ajar than kurang pandai.


Sorry guys, frustration venting. And its just merely 2 weeks on the new year. Bad bad bad.

Sat for my econs class at noon and my spirits were lifted. All of a sudden I felt this surge of motivation to continue on the new semester with zest. Funny, it felts just a few days ago I was so demotivated thinking about the clash between my work and study commitments.Though at this point I usually chicken out, hari ni takde pulak feeling nak chicken out tu. Macam someway somehow I seem to feel that I will go through another 3 months unscathed - unlike the last round when its all so gloomy.

Stupid isn't it how one guy can tunble your life around?

But then what the heck. Lately I realised that I shouldn't let him put me down, in any way and that he's just not worth it. Its good that its over and done with when it is. Because what I am getting to know about him now from others is not pretty.

Lets just say that I got news that my ex is not a trustworthy person anyway and that other noticed it and that they don't bother giving their two-cents worth on him. And I heard it not only from just anyone, but also from someone who knew him for quite sometime (since the past 5 years) and is quite close to him - so if such person say so its fair enough that he didn't deserve any credit la kan and that I'm blinded ; hence I should feel much better.

Oh I digress. and you think a girl can snap out of it kan?

Well, in my econs class today I learned that at the slightest bit of annoyance, the cognitive mind seems to be able to manipulate people towards revenge - and in such, results to irrational behaviour in making logical decision making - leading to waste and cost . The thing is people won't care about waste and cost because at the end of the day revenge satisfies the need for vengence over annoyance.

You think I am capable of such?

Hahaahah...point to ponder.


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