Friday, February 22, 2013

Beautiful Creatures - To Watch or Not to watch?

If your a fan of supernatural movies - WATCH!

If you want another love story - WATCH IT IN PLATINUM SUITES/GOLD CLASS!


I enjoyed the movie. I definitely enjoyed the quotes. I am contemplating on getting the book - when I finish my 50 shades trilogy (if ever....banyak gila buku tak baca lagi ni!). But then I always love stories that revolves around witches and magic - my favourite witch novel is Anne Rice's the Witching Hour - I bet kalau itu buku bikin movie confirm hit! But then the story will be all tangled with the Vampire Chronicles and whatnot and it might get a little confusing but hey - thats the best witch story ever trust me.

Back to Beautiful Creatures.....

I suppose there's more installments coming and I don't think the Lena-Ethan love story will end just there. There's hope definitely. Nanti cakap lebih lebih spoiler la pulak....since the movie baru keluar sehari kot.

My favourite witch in the movie???.....

* Emmy Rossum who plays Lena's cousin Ridley - wicked and superbly hot! Matila pi gym setahun pun takkan dapat badan macam tu*

To all the guys out there who hated Twilight but still have to endure it for the sake of their loved ones....get ready to go through the exactly same ordeal all over again. To all the girls and dreamers out there....enjoy!



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Anonymous said...

I'm planning to watch the movie this weekend. After watching it, will come back and read your comment again .)