Friday, February 15, 2013

Federal Territory Day Break @ Avillion Port Dickson

The last couple of months had been exhausting....all work and no holiday makes Zuraida a very very very dull girl. Usually Dec-January month is the time for holidays and celebration but then tahun ni was very different - I was couped up in the office instead. Boohoo. But to be honest I had fun - my new officemates had been kind (so far) and work is somewhat fun and something to look forward to again - so there's a lot to be grateful for.

*yeah, I'm happy at work. :p. Despite the workload*

Considering that we're expecting to be busy for the next couple of months, I decided a last minute road trip to de-stress and rejuvenate my tired mind (chewah!~!!!). Tak jauh pun, kat PD je - gebang macam pergi oversea. Hahahah. Shaddap hahahahah, at least tak dok umah tido je kan?


Since takde la apa sangat kan the journey to PD (since it's only 1 hour so and so drive) so tak payah banyak cakap - get ready for a lot of photos coming your way.

*Grin - lama kan I tak post gambar?*

As usual my roadie partner in crime of late is non other than Cik ShashaBlackKatz. Elok la dia ni rajin memandu - if its up to me I hate driving long distance. Ini pun aku kidnap dia last minute. Thank God she has flexi working hours , otherwise I would have been taking the trip all by myself.

Everytime I pergi naik kereta dia I must snap her pics this way. Ye la, kena la tangkap gambar driver!

There you go on the road to PD. Sebab I usually don't drive there myself, I macam ingat ingat lupa the way to town, but what the heck, I read signs and I am not shy to ask around if I'm lost - so we're all good.

We pushed off slightly after 12 and arrived at the hotel right at check in time....

Ho yeah! Since I can go anywhere far, the place nearby should be really good. For the price we're paying we were not dissapointed because the place is so awesome...

Once dah check in and dump the luggages so obviously snap a couple of photos at the verandah dulu la kan. Oh my, the scenery is as if I am kat some exotic island or something (well hey, Malaysia is an exotic country aite??? what was I thinking??).  We had the garden chalet at the far end of the resort, which faces the water chalets and endless beach that seems to stretch out for miles away....with no sight of a single crowd (mind you) so oh my - it was breathtaking.

We had a quick lunch at town (in which I had nasi campur...yums....the kind yang tak ada kat Publika), we went back to the room (sebab matahari atas kepala) and indulge in books...

Well, I read my book with view overlooking the beach, thats not the case for our friend there.

Left the room later at about 4pm for a stroll around the hotel, a swim and a walk at the beach....

I love the hotel!!!! Plus they have activities for us to participate and guess what???

Beach Tai Chi!!!


We had seafood for dinner.  I wish there is better seafood. Its ok la. Nothing comparable to the spot at Kuching Fieza usually takes me. 

The next day we woke up early, enjoyed the buffet spread and gossip over breakfast.

Can it get any better? Perfect weekend kan!

Its a short stint, we only spent a night at the hotel. Lepas checkout we hit the Teluk Kemang beach in search of ole-ole and ice cream kon.

Ice cream kon?

Ye? Ice cream kon yang orang jual atas motor tu.

See what I found??? Gula gula kelapa and udang... time tu macam terbayang bayang all the junk food we had as a kid and dah lama tak makan last last I bedal bawak balik a few pack of these for my officemates.

And guess what? It was a hit ok!!! Especially the gula-gula with the prwan pics! hould have got more of those....

Of course at the end kitorang wajib jumpa our ice cream kon kan....

Itu dia! Kalah BR!


Singgah makan asam pedas before we hit the road again....

Too bad everything's so short aite???

Till next time!



shasha said...

Oh my...pokky the bear lagi glamer dari aku...

Zuraida said...

nama dia pokky ke??? hahahah! lupe!!

f.i.e.z.a said...

kak zue u look so comel! like seriously!

the sunnies sangat lawa ai jeles ahaha

nothing compared to seafood d kch kan? wish i cld tapau for u hehee

Zuraida said...

Thanks fieza...pokky pun comel jugak!! :). Yeah, i miss seafood kat kch, especially ur mom's terubuk goreng...sob sob. Say hi to aunti ok!!!