Monday, February 11, 2013

Layan Merlin sampai lebam....

Cheerios everyone and a very Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Despite the long holidays I am on standby over the public hols so here I am, at home, waiting. So while waiting, I catch up on sleep, rest and 4 season of Merlin.

Hahahahah! Dork! Yeah!

Of course if I get to spend another long weekend at Avillion PD like last week life will be utter bliss. *grin*. Which reminds me, I haven't uploaded the piccas yet kan?

Should do it soon.

I am in between hard disk cleansing ritual (being a tv series buff put you in "always need of a hard disk space" situation) since all the new TV series episodes are starting to be on air again soon - walking dead, grimm, spartacus (oh abang badan ketak ketak) and the list goes on - so kena la gigih transfer old tv series masuk cloud so that the portable HDD can be used to save new episodes.

*hahahahah! Dork alert!!!*

I should also remind myself of the list of tv series for Tina.


Oh dah almost 1pm. Gotta get ready for my Beanieplex date. Finally....ada jugak orang aku nak tarik pergi ber"Beanie"-movie with me.

Laters baby.


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