Thursday, February 21, 2013

Matikla dah sangkut tengok cite korea.....haih....

My sister had been crazy over this for weeks but I myself had recently jumped into the bandwagon since I am bounded to the couch later due to my ankle injury. Its like love at first sight, borderline addictive to watch this bunch complete task after task in the hour-long gameshow.....

*The Running Man - yeah saya lambat tengok sebab saya takut tersangkut tapi alas - tetap tersangkut jugak*

Obviously one episode became two, then three, and it goes on and on till I am now at my 23rd episode. Guess what, its not gonna stop there, my sister says the actual series had gone up to over a hundred - abis la - tengok apa yang ada pun rasa nak pecah perut gelak kan ni kan pulak ada 100 lebih.....

.....yeke? Kat wiki kata ada about 50 je. Anyways....hopefully it won't drive me insane.


I never understood why others love watching this show in the past. I remember a friend of mine usually rush home on weekends with her husband just to watch the show on Astro. 

I suppose now aku pun same la. Kalau ada astro.

My favourite star is Joong Kok (the commander), Haha, Ji Hyo and Gary - overall diorang ni adalah sangat la cute to a point aku tak tahan la - their actions is totally tak masuk akal punya funny sampai sakit perut kot the next day tengok the show.

*yeah madness*

Cut things short, if you need a laugh go give the show a shot. Sape nak copies holler me and bawa your HDD.



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sherrina said...

lepas ni nyanyi lagu k-pop lahh