Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sprained ankle and being couch-bound....

I got myself injured after a two-day training session at Equatorial last Tuesday....

*yeah - accident dia sebijik macam ni. pics courtesy of Encik Google. Seb baik I was on 2 inch heels rather than a 4 incher*

OMG its super painful.

I manage to drive myself home though. Thank God the roads were clear, no traffic whatsoever. By midnight the whole feet had swollen and it started to get very very hard to move.

I end up sleeping with my hot pack till I manage to pull myself together and head to the clinic the next day.

The doctor says I should be okay since there's no significant bruising. It doesn't turn all blue ke apa. The fact that I can still stand on my feet shows that there's no fracture, so consider myself lucky. But it's not advisable for me to move so much so for the next couple of days I'll be bound to the couch.

The key to getting better is simple.

Rest rest and rest. I was told to just let the swelling runs its course and with adequate rest, I'll be okay in no time. The thing is there is no guarantee as to when I will get better. I am just told to sit still so that I won't aggravate further swelling.

Bagus....just when I am all set in a routine of daily gym run. Ntah bila la nak shed the weight kan? The moment I get my mojo je mula la benda-benda macam ni happens.


Maybe this is my cue to continue watching Running Man.


xoxo. Laters.

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