Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wedding adik alia di bangi....

Its been ages since the last wedding don't you think? Ye la....semua kawan dah kahwin, so tinggal la the very few of us yang still single mingle ni. *grin*. Anyways I ajak Shasha to come with me today so I don't have to go solo....nasib baik la I didn't miss it because the food is super nice. 

Especially the lemak cendawan! If it ever has a name for that dish lantakla I wouldn't know.....its still lemak cendawan.

Hari ni pakai baju merah and contact lense turquoise....what do you think? Cantek tak??


I went all bonkers last month when I get to borong colored contact lenses for only RM40 per box - so I tried colors I never tried before like turquoise and grey...remind me to show off the grey contacts later.

Itu dia cik Shasha at the buffet table.

Jangan malu malu!!! Kalau malu lapar.

They serve this kuih on the table but I can't recall the name....dodol beras?

Oh my, sangat la I ni disconnected with local food. Nampak sangat terperuk at home lama sangat.

There you and alia. We've been friends for so long its amazing how we still look the same like when we were in school. Okla, kat sekolah dulu kulit hitam sikit sunburn and kurus keding sebab selalu kawat kat kompaun sekolah but then being 30 something I think we still look as young as when we were 13.

Just saying. Perhaps even better kan?

*huge grin*

Obviously it would be great if we still weight as light as we were in school. hahahahah! Ok, let's not start with our depressing weight issues.

It was a hot sunny day (perfect for an outdoor wedding) and alia look all cool with her sunnies and whatnot - jeles aku sekejap. Why la I tertinggal my sunnies in the car? Tapi agak saiko kot kalau pergi wedding orang tetiba mengada pakai sunnies? Hahahahahh!

Itu dia lunch hari ni - I had the daging kicap and the masak lemak cendawan with fried chicken - I tell you I wish I boleh tambah banyak banyak sebab sedap sangat.


Thanks alia dearie for having us. Lain kali jemput lagi.



shasha said...

Ada orang tak malu amik lemak cendawan satu pinggan...hihihihi..sapa la tu ek??

Zuraida said...

Can u believe it ada byk extra and tuan rumah whatsapp later that kalau nak blh datang tapau??? Seb baik la jauh kat bangi kalau tak bukan setakat seinfgan....mau ketuk pintu with tupperware

dieya said...

omg alia!!! i haven't seen her since taiping. how is she?

totally agree that u gals look the same as schooldays. tang kulit putih i bertambah agree. alia looks so fair! dia pakai apa ha?

Zuraida said... look the same too, minus a couple of kilos ok. You are super lucky...macam tak gain weight langsung.

I suppose being indoors most of the time makes us way fairer then before. Dulu everyday kena paksa keluar bersukan and whatnot kan....mana tak gelap...